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Attention to detail

As you can see from this gallery of images, we ensure the best quality work even down to the minute details. Sadly this is an area often overlooked by other bedroom fitters.

Its all well and good having a great looking bedroom, but without getting everything right in the details, all that money you have just spent is wasted.

In the bottom middle and left images you can see we use solid wood hanging rails which not only support the rail but also the shelf above leading to a very rigid structure which is guaranteed not to give or break under any strain. These supports are stained or painted to match the carcasse and become an integral but unobtrusive part of the construction.

The same can be said for our door fixtures and drawers. Again I'm sure you can think of times in your life a cupboard door has begun to sag due to the hinges not being fitted properly.

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In the bottom picture you can see details of our drawer construction, all our drawers are made in quality solid pine which is dovetailed together on all corners to ensure a high quality and very strong construction. They are waxed finished and the drawer front screwed to the front. This construction is sure to outlast any cam and dowel construction which is widely used elsewhere.

So be sure to talk to us when it comes to your next bedroom, and you can be sure to get a fantastic quality bedroom that will last.
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